Juliette Fowler Communities

DJF SERVICE CHAIRS: Joy Meletio, Ann Rust Shelton

Juliette Fowler Communities operate three residential programs which provide a home and special services for more than 350 residents each day, including retirement and assisted living apartments, long-term and skilled nursing care, and subsidized apartments for the elderly and the mobility-impaired.

DJF members plan, organize and host monthly bingo parties and holiday parties for JFC residents and decorate the JFC homes and facilities for the holidays.

In 2016, the Juliette Fowler Communities presented the women of Dallas Junior Forum its  inaugural Erika McKenzie Award for Volunteer Service.

Juliette Fowler Communities
1234 Abrams Road
Dallas, TX 75214
Phone: 214-827-0813

Dallas Junior Forum

5930 LBJ Freeway, Suite 350
Dallas, Texas 75240
(972) 960-6666
Email: djf.info1977@gmail.com